For the variant appearing in the games, see Dexio.

Dexio is a character appearing in Pokémon Adventures, who is an assistant of Professor Sycamore.


Dexio is a light-skinned man with yellow hair. He wears a white outfit with grey lines, consisted of a shirt with buttons and some pants. He also wears white shoes. In addition, he wears a blue scarf, and is sometimes seen with a blue mask on.


Dexio, along with Sina, is a loyal assistant to Sycamore. Sometimes, he and Sina make slight mistakes, but they mean well.


X & Y arc

Professor Sycamore called Dexio and Sina. He asked of them to make a copy of the video of the Vaniville Town incident and give it to Lysandre.[1]

Sina and Dexio, wearing masks, watched as the Vaniville Town group took a Charmander with them. Inside the city, Sina and Dexio encountered the group, claiming they stole the Charmander. They snatched Charmander, but Tierno caught up to them and took Charmander. The group explained Charmander followed them, so Sina and Dexio led the group to Professor Sycamore.[2] Sina and Dexio accompanied Professor Sycamore and X, as they were to meet up with the latter's friends.[3] Since Sycamore was to be interviewed at the Prism Tower, he had Sina and Dexio return to his lab.[4]

Sina and Dexio were sent to investigate the Lysandre Cafe. However, Team Flare had been aware of this and left the Cafe before they arrived.[5] Sina and Dexio fought against a garçon and intimidated him. They reported to Sycamore how Team Flare went to the Pokémon Village.[6] Wikstrom explained the group how Team Flare knew that Sina and Dexio invaded the cafe, and likely had set up traps to stop the group from reaching the Pokémon Village.[7]

After Team Flare was defeated, Blue and Blaine reported to Sycamore how they saw a green blob fleeing the scene. Sycamore suspected it was related to Zygarde, and the blob was seen also in Alola. Thus, he had Sina and Dexio go to that region to investigate more.[8]



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