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Deep-Sea Floor

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Deep-Sea Floor
Deep-Sea Floor

It is said there is an exquisitely beautiful spot at the bottom of this deep sea. The water is blue and eternally clear.

Primary Type Water
Capacity 12
Location Southern Sea
How to Obtain
Purchase for 5,500 MD Poke

Deep-Sea Floor is a Friend Area in the Southern Sea.

Resident Pokemon

MD Omanyte Omanyte
MD Omastar Omastar
MD Kabuto Kabuto
MD Kabutops Kabutops
MD Chinchou Chinchou
MD Lanturn Lanturn
MD Lileep Lileep
MD Cradily Cradily
MD Clamperl Clamperl
MD Huntail Huntail
MD Gorebyss Gorebyss
MD Relicanth Relicanth

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