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The Decolore Pirates

Decolore Pirates is an organization of Pirate Pokémon that only appears in the anime series Pokémon: BW Adventures in Unova The Pirates of Decolore!. They that were stealing a bunch of items around in the Decolore Islands and they were abandoned by Pokémon Trainers. In the end, they were defeated by Ash's Snivy and Ash's Pignite and they joined with Officer Jenny and also, apologized to the other people that they stole.

Known Pokemon Pirates

  • Croconaw - Croconaw was abandoned by a male trainer for losing a Gym Battle.
  • Azumarill - Azumarill was abandoned by a female trainer that didn't want Marill evolved.
  • Octillery - Octillery was abandoned by a male trainer because he didn't know that Octillery evolves from Remoraid.
  • Ducklett - Ducklett was abandoned by a male trainer for losing a battle.
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