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The Day Care Trick is a trick that can be used in almost any version of the Pokémon games to level up Pokémon in the Day Care while you are not even playing the game.


  • Pokémon Game
  • DS/ DS Lite, DSi, DSi XL, 3DS, 2DS, 3DS XL, New 3DS
  • DS/ DS Lite / DSi / DSiXL / 3DS / 2DS Charger
  • Pencil or Tape or String or Rubber band (for the 3DS circle-pad)
  • 7 or 8 hours


The goal of this is to tape or tie down a button in a way so that you will either continuously walk or walk into something, and then be sent back, so that it counts as a step. Each game has a secret place to do this, and the locations are listed below, for example find a whirlpool on Route 41 and run into it repeatedly. Tape the button down and leave it, it will take some time [approximately 1 step per second (one step equals 1 exp point)] but it does work.


Place your Pokémon in the day-care, then walk up to the mud-slide thing that you can only go up on a full-speed mach bike. In order for this to work, make sure your character is not riding the Mach Bike whilst attempting this. Tape or tie down the button so that you move about half-way up the slide, then come back down, or use the pencil to hold the button down, then close your DS, plug it in, and leave it while you sleep for the night, or while you are at school or away from home for a few hours during the daytime.


Use the teleporters at the Aqua Hideout. Use the top teleporter in the room with heaps of teleporters and go to the one directly below it is also slow but it works (2 steps every 3 seconds).

Fire Red/ Leaf Green

Go to the eighth gym, where there are move tiles. Find a tile in a place that will push you up against the wall of a stop tile, and tape, tie or use a pencil to hold that button down so that you move into the move tile and get sent back a few spaces and walk back up to the move tile. Plug in your DS Charger and leave overnight or for a few hours.

Actually, it's better to do it in the Rocket Hideout in Celadon; You can tape down the B button and run there and there are move tiles there, too.


Go to the Fuego Ironworks, just north of Floaroma Town and do the same thing as in FireRed/LeafGreen. Tape down the B, Button if Necessary. Plug in DS Charger and leave overnight or for a few hours


Walking forward from the entrance of Ecruteak Gym will drop you into the chasm and teleport you back to the entrance, so you can tape up on the dpad and accrue steps this way.

Black/White & Black/White 2

Go to the Gear Station then get in the second-outer most column (this is because if you are in the outermost ring, you will walk into a machine) and hold down either the up or down arrow. Plug in DS charger and leave for a while.

To solve a $$ issue go to Cheren once daily (B/W only), battle the Elite Four, or Bianca on weekends (B/W only). If you have stones or items like that, you might as well sell them. Check a Pokédex guide and make sure you do not need it first. You obtain $200–$20,000 for each relic item. Also millions of high-price items in cave on way to Giant Chasm.


After you have unlocked North Lumiose, go to the very center of town. There, you have a large circle, where you can tape down, or put a coin under the circle pad and run endlessly to the right or left. 



If you are in a cave and doing this, you may encounter wild Pokémon.


If you don't have a lot of money, don't try this. The equation for the amount of money you pay is as follows:

100 + 100*x= Price
x=amount of levels increased

If you put a level 2 Zigzagoon in the day care and raise it to level 100, it would cost 100+(98x100),which is 9900 Pokémoney. That may not sound like a lot, but with two Pokémon to level 100, it could be bad news for you. Use the Maniac in Icirrus City to sell at double prices.

D/P Mudslide

The Mudslide trick on your bike does not count as steps in Diamond and Pearl. The Mudslide only works in Ruby and Sapphire but it does not work in Emerald.

Hardware Issues

Note: the buttons can suffer damage during the use of the tape technique if it is not done carefully.

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