Dawn is the female player character in Diamond, Pearl and Platinum.

If the player chooses Lucas, the male player character, Dawn will be Professor Rowan's assistant. She helps the player by teaching them about important elements in the game, such as item shops and Pokémon Centers, how to catch Pokémon, and also gives items during the adventure. She is also part of the Pokédex project. The other blond haired rival will fight you throughout the game, but Lucas/Dawn (depending on the choice of being a boy or a girl) will only assist you politely.


Dawn has navy blue hair and dark blue eyes.

Diamond and Pearl

Dawn wore a giant corn weed growing V-neck black mini-dress with a white blouse underneath, red scarf, gold hair-clips, pink skirt, a pink beanie with a Poké Ball design in it, black knee-high socks, a yellow bag, and pink short boots.


She wears an outfit more suitable for the weather in the game, which is a giant corn weed growing long-sleeved red sweater-dress, with multiple pink buttons in it, and a white bag, white knee-length stockings, with pink hair-clips, and pink boots.


Dawn always seen to have possession to Prof. Rowan. When the Player comes to Sandgem Town for the first time, she greets him and shows him the lab. She makes two appearances in Jubilife City, another appearance in Route 207, and yet another appearance in Canalave City, when she is sitting near Prof. Rowan, while Barry and the Player sit in front of them. She also appears at Spear Pillar and sees the player defeating/catching Dialga or Palkia.



Diamond, Pearl & Platinum

In Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, you will befriend others, such as the champion, and people you tag team with, like Barry, before and after you beat the game. Dawn will always be in possession of the other starter that wasn't chosen, the one which the player's starter will have an advantage against. i.e. if the player has chosen Chimchar, she will have a Turtwig in her arsenal. The reason being that if the player character is Lucas, you won't battle her at any point because she has the Starter Pokémon with a type disadvantage to his own. Similarly, if the player character is Dawn, Lucas will choose the disadvantaged starter.


Dawn has two counterparts in the manga.


Main article: Platinum (Adventures)

Platinum Berlitz is a character in the manga. She traveled across Sinnoh with her friends and bodyguards Diamond and Pearl. She appears again as a main character in the Platinum Chapter.

Diamond and Pearl Adventure!

Main article: Mitsumi

Mitsumi is Dawn's counterpart in "Diamond and Pearl Adventure!" manga. She was a former member of Team Galactic, and now she is Professor Rowan's assistant.


Main article: Dawn (anime)

Dawn has a counterpart in the anime that shares her name. Dawn lives in Twinleaf Town, and met Ash, while she was taking care of his Pikachu. She also makes an appearance in the Pokémon: Best Wishes! Series.


Intro Sprite

Dawn's DP Sprite

VS Sprite

Dawn's Pt Sprite
Dawn's intro sprite from Diamond and Pearl

DP Dawn

Dawn's VS Sprite

Pt Dawn


Diamond and Pearl

Capture tutorial

Multi Battle Partner - Jubilife City

Multi Battle Partner - Veilstone City


Capture tutorial

Multi Battle Partner - Jubilife City

Multi Battle Partner - Veilstone City


  • Dawn's outfit in Platinum is the same outfit Dawn wore in the anime when she, Ash and Brock visited Snowpoint City.
    • However, she kept her gold barrettes instead of her pink ones.
  • When you first beat Cynthia in Pokémon Black and White, she mentions either Lucas or Dawn. Referring to him/her as "That trainer who faced Giratina", she then admits she was rambling about things that didn't concern the current player.
  • In Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, Dawn has an unnamed father that works at Professor Rowan's lab, if Dawn is not chosen as the player character in the games.
  • Dawn is the only playable character to be featured in the Pokémon Trading Card Game, as seen in Mom's Kindness


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