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Dawn's Quilava
Hikari's Magmarashi
Dawn Quilava
Trainer: Dawn
Ability: Blaze (Not yet activated)
Debut: An Egg Scramble!
Caught where: Sinnoh
Received in: An Egg Scramble!
Received from: Lyra
Hatched in: An Egg Scramble!
Current location: With Dawn
Evolved: Less than 1 episode as an egg
49 episodes as a Cyndaquil
Evolves In: Dawn - Setting Off On a New Journey!

Dawn's Quilava was the Pokémon Dawn received as egg in An Egg Scramble!.


After winning in the battle contest, Dawn received an egg as a prize. In the same episode the egg hatches, revealing a young Cyndaquil. Even though it is still young, it wields powerful moves like Swift and Flame Wheel. Dawn chose this Pokémon to replace Ambipom (Since it is in training with the Ping-Pong Champion). Cyndaquil is pairing with Mamoswine in Dawn's latest contest where she is facing Ursula and her Plusle and Minun. Mamoswine and Cyndaquil are known for their fierce-ice combo.

Prior to Dawn leaving for Hoenn, Cyndaquil and Piplup work on a failed move. Cyndaquil wanted to come with Dawn to Hoenn and evolves into a Quilava helping her deal with a situation with some Ariados. It battled with Ash Ketchum in Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!.

Known moves

Move Episode
EE10 Quilava usando estallido
Flame Wheel + Gone With the Windworks
Swift + Gone With the Windworks
Smokescreen + Gone With the Windworks
Eruption Dawn - Setting Off On a New Journey!
Flamethrower + Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!
+ indicates this Pokémon used this move recently.*
- indicates this Pokémon normally can't use this move.

Voice actors and actress


  • Of all Pokémon Eggs owned by main characters, Quilava took the least amount of time to hatch, hatching in the same episode it was obtained in.
  • Quilava is the eighth Pokémon to follow the pattern of premiering in a movie and then being captured by one of the main characters.
    • In all cases, the premiered Pokémon is not the same character as the one caught, just the same species. Dawn's Cyndaquil comes after Arceus and the Jewel of Life. This is only a technical premiere, as Cyndaquil was featured during the original Johto series as well.
  • Quilava is the only Pokémon belonging to a main character to have evolved in a side story episode so far, in Dawn - Setting Off On a New Journey!.
  • Dawn's Quilava is the last Pokémon to evolve with a white light surrounding them.


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