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Darkness Ridge

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Darkness Ridge
Darkness Ridge

This mountainous area may be inhabited by mischievous Pokémon who can suddenly turn the area dark to cause trouble.

Primary Type Ghost
Capacity 13
Location Mountain Range
How to Obtain
Recruit Absol

Darkness Ridge is a Friend Area in the Mountain Range.

Resident Pokemon

MD Vulpix Vulpix
MD Ninetales Ninetales
MD Gastly Gastly
MD Haunter Haunter
MD Gengar Gengar
MD Misdreavus Misdreavus
MD Sneasel Sneasel
MD Sableye Sableye
MD Shuppet Shuppet
MD Banette Banette
MD Duskull Duskull
MD Dusclops Dusclops
MD Absol Absol

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