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|name = Dark Stone
|jname = ダークストーン ''Dark Stone''
|backcolor= black
|image= Dark_Stone.jpg
|buy= Cannot be bought
|sell= Cannot be sold
|Type= Key
|gen= V
|bagimage= Dark_Stone.jpg
|genVdesc=Zekrom's body was destroyed and changed into this stone. It is said to be waiting for the emergence of a hero.
}}The '''Dark Stone''' is a [[key item]] in [[Pokémon Black and White|Pokémon White]] that contains [[Zekrom]] after it lost its physical form. In the final battle against [[N]] in [[N's Castle|his castle]], the player will battle Zekrom and will get the option to put it directly in their party for the following battle against N. Its Pokémon Black counterpart is the [[Light Stone]].
[[Lenora]] will give the stone to the player in front of the [[Nacrene City]] Museum/Gym after he/she has defeated [[Team Plasma]] at [[Relic Castle]] in the [[Desert Resort]].
The '''Dark Stone''' will return in [[Pokemon Black 2]], where N will give it to you after you defeat his Lvl 70 Zekrom, so you can take it to [[Dragonspiral Tower]] to reawaken it and catch it. It will still be at Lvl 70.
[[Category:Key items]]
[[Category:Key items]]
[[Category:Generation V Items]]
[[Category:Generation V Items]]

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