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Darkness sometimes represent evil and crime, but Dark Pokémon are quite misunderstood there. Dark-type Pokémon are known for often using sinister and deceptive moves such as biting and stealing. Some Dark Pokémon include Sneasel, Absol, Poochyena, Umbreon and Houndour. This is also the only Pokémon type which does not have a gym (only some Elite Four members use them). They are often used by criminals as well. Dark Pokémon are usually seen at night, but they are seen in the daytime as well.

They are known as Darkness-types in the TCG.

They are weak against Bug and Fighting moves, but strong against Psychic and Ghost. They are also completely immune to Psychic moves.

Abilities of Dark Pokémon


Dream World

Dark Pokemon Trainers

Karen(HGSS)Sprite Sidney(GenIII)Sprite Grimsley Kotaro pokemon Kunoichi pokemon
Johto Elite Four Karen Hoenn Elite Four Sidney Unova Elite Four Grimsley Yaksha Warlord Kotarō Warlord Servant Kunoichi

Dark Pokémon Families

Unevolved First evolution Second evolution Other type
Template:Not from type 197 Umbreon Only Umbreon is Dark.
198 Murkrow 430 Honchkrow Flying
215 Sneasel 461 Weavile Ice
228 Houndour 229 Houndoom Fire
Template:Not from type Template:Not from type 248 Tyranitar Rock; Only Tyranitar is Dark.
261 Poochyena 262 Mightyena
Template:Not from type 274 Nuzleaf 275 Shiftry Grass; Only Seedot isn't Dark.
302 Sableye Ghost
318 Carvanha 319 Sharpedo Water
Template:Not from type 332 Cacturne Grass; Only Cacturne is Dark.
Template:Not from type 342 Crawdaunt Water; Only Crawdaunt is Dark.
359 Absol
434 Stunky 435 Skuntank Poison
442 Spiritomb Ghost
Template:Not from type 452 Drapion Poison; Only Drapion is Dark.
491 Darkrai
509 Purrloin 510 Liepard
551 Sandile 552 Krokorok 553 Krookodile Ground
559 Scraggy 560 Scrafty Fighting
570 Zorua 571 Zoroark
624 Pawniard 625 Bisharp Steel
629 Vullaby 630 Mandibuzz Flying
633 Deino 634 Zweilous 635 Hydreigon Dragon
Template:Not from type Pangoro Fighting; Only Pangoro is Dark.
Inkay Malamar Psychic
Yveltal Flying

Delta Species Dark Pokémon


  • If a two-typed Pokémon is both Dark and Ghost type, both types cancel out each others weaknesses with their resistances, leaving Pokémon like Spiritomb and Sableye with no weakness.
  • As of Generation 5, this is the only Pokémon type not to be used in a Gym.
  • As of Generation 5 there are only nine Dark type Pokemon (not including Dark-type Arceus) are fully Dark type, these are: Absol, Poochyena, Mightyena, Umbreon, Darkrai, Purrloin, Liepard, Zorua and Zoroark. Of these nine Darkrai is the only Mythical or Legendary (and the only Mythical or Legendary Dark type Pokemon excluding Dark-type Arceus), Absol and Darkrai are the only ones that either do not evolve or are an evolution, out of the ones that are evolved only Umbreon does not have the Dark type through the whole evolutionary line and out of the pure Dark types any evolutionary lines have only two Pokemon in each one and Dark type is the only type all the way through the evolutionary line.

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