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Dark Hill is a future dungeon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky, Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time and Darkness. No Pokémon can be recruited in this dungeon. On its 15 floors include Chestnut, Grimy, Gust, Poison, Pokémon, Selfdestruct, Slow, Slumber, Spin, Summon, Trip, & Warp Traps.


All items in this dungeon can appear on any floor. Pecha Scarfs, Persim Bands, Power Bands, Twist Bands, Patsy Bands, Stamina Bands, Zinc Bands, Special Bands, & insomniscopes all appear in Dark Hill. Heal, Pure, Hunger, Stun, Sleep, Vile, X-Eye, Warp, Via, Slip, Dough, Dropeye, Blast, Reviver, & Reviser seeds along with Pecha, Oran, Oren, & Cheri Berries, Apples, Max & Mix Elixirs all appear as well.

TMs that can be found in Dark Hill are Dive, Attract, Bullet Seed, Calm Mind, Brick Break, Dig, Brine, Aerial Ace, False Swipe, Flash, Dragon Claw, Embargo, Energy Ball, Explosion, Focus Blast, Focus Punch, Giga Impact, Giga Drain, Hidden Power, Hyper Beam, Iron Tail, Light Screen, Poison Jab, Protect, Natural Gift, Payback, Rest, Rock Slide, Reflect, Roar, Roost, Safeguard, Shadow Claw, Shockwave, Solar Beam, Stealth Rock, Steel Wing, Swords Dance, Taunt, Thunderbolt, Thunder Wave, Torment, Water Pulse, Wide Slash, & Vacuum-Cut.

All-Hit, All-Mach, Blowback, Decoy, Escape, Evasion, Foe-Fear, Foe-Hold, Foe-Seal, Hurl, Itemizer, invisify, Mobile, Luminous, One-Shot, Petrify, Quick, Radar, Rebound, Rollcall, Scanner, Slow, Slumber, Stayaway, Transfer, Warp, Totter, Spurn, & Switcher orbs also appear in this dungeon.


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