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(ダン Dan)
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Hometown: Navel Island
Region: Orange Islands
Friends: Ash, Misty, Tracey
Class: Gym Leader
First Appearance: OI012: Navel Maneuvers
Voice actor: Jim Malone (English)

Danny (Japanese: ダン Dan) is the Gym Leader of the Navel Island Gym from the Orange Islands. In order to obtain the Sea Ruby Badge, Trainers must first climb a nearby mountain without the aid of their Pokémon, in order to qualify for further challenges. Should a Trainer qualify, they must then choose one Pokémon to help them build a bobsled-like device in a race against Danny, and then race him down the mountain. This badge is the second of four badges obtained by Ash in the Orange Islands League.


Pokémon Information
Dannys Nidoqueen
Nidoqueen was used by Danny in the first challenge against Ash.

In the 2nd challenge, Nidoqueen's strength was used to help carve out a sled from Danny's slab of ice. Nidoqueen's only known move is Ice Beam.

Pokémon Information
Dannys Machoke
Machoke was only seen in the 2nd challenge against Ash where it helped to carve a sled from the ice that Nidoqueen froze earlier.

None of Machoke's moves are known.

Pokémon Information
Dannys Scyther
Scyther helped carve the ice into a sled after which it then helped steer that sled in the race down the mountain.

None of Scyther's moves are known.

Pokémon Information
Dannys Electrode
Electrode was seen in the 3rd challenge, the race down the mountain.

Electrode's only known move is Explosion.

Pokémon Information
Dannys Geodude
Geodude was seen in the 3rd challenge, the race down the mountain.

None of Geodude's moves are known.



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