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Damp is an ability. When an active Pokémon is out in battle no Pokémon can use the moves Explosion or Self-Destruct. As the name suggests, all Pokémon with this ability are Water-type excluding Paras and Parasect.



Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#054 Psyduck 054 Type Water
#055 Golduck 055 Type Water
#060 Poliwag 060 Type Water
#061 Poliwhirl 061 Type Water
#062 Poliwrath 062 Type WaterType Fighting
#186 Politoed 186 Type Water
#194 Wooper 194 Type WaterType Ground
#195 Quagsire 195 Type WaterType Ground


Pokédex Pokémon Sprite type
#046 Paras 046 Type BugType Grass
#047 Parasect 047 Type BugType Grass
#116 Horsea 116 Type Water
#117 Seadra 117 Type Water
#230 Kingdra 230 Type WaterType Dragon
#258 Mudkip 258 Type Water
#259 Marshtomp 259 Type WaterType Ground
#260 Swampert 260 Type WaterType Ground
#592 Frillish 592592A Type WaterType Ghost
#593 Jellicent 593593A Type WaterType Ghost

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