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Which would be enough to wipe out Piplup.
Which would be enough to wipe out Piplup.
{{Stub}}The calculations on the bottom may not corrospond to the formulas given on the top.
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[[Category:Game Mechanics]]

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Damage calculation is the calculation used to determine the damage done by a Pokémon. Only Experts should manually calculate the formula, but it would help you estimate move damage.


Calculate the values:

A=(2 x Level + 10)/250

Where Level would be Attacking Pokémon's level.


Where Attack is Attack or Special ATK of Atking Pokémon

And Defense is Defense or Special DEF of DEFing Pokémon.

C=Base Power of Move

MOD= STAB x Type x Critical x Others x Rand Value 0.85-1.00

STAB is 1.5x if move is same type as user and 1x if other type

Type is Type Effectiveness= 2x for Super Effective, 0.5x for Not So Effective and 0x for No Effect

Critical is Critical hit= Critical Hit x2 Normal x1

Others is Other Conditions. Input them manually

Rand is Random Value. Minimum damage calculation is 0.85x Maximum Damage is 1x. Remember it is Random

Calculate the formula below based on Values above.

(A x B x C) + 2 x MOD


Imagine if a Turtwig at Lvl 100 had Sp Atk 200, Sp Def 200 and HP 400

It uses Leaf Storm(140 Base) against Piplup at Lvl 90 SP Atk 194,Sp Def 190 and HP 380

Formula is

A=2 x 100/250 = 0.8

B=200/190 =1.052(Rounded up)


MOD = 1.5 x 2x 2x(critical)1x 0.85(Minimum Damage)=5.1

0.8 x1.052 x140 x5.1=600.90=601

Which would be enough to wipe out Piplup.

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