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Admin Dakim
Hometown: Unknown
Region: Orre
Class: Admin
First Appearance: Pokémon Colosseum

Dakim is one of the Cipher Admins from Pokémon Colosseum. He is first seen at Mt. Battle. When you battle him, he has a Lv. 40 Shadow Entei.


Dakim is a very large man with a rather unique appearance. He wears a white jumpsuit and doesn't wear any shoes. Dakim also has red hair and wears some sort of face paint.



Dakim is first seen where it turns out that he has taken ovet Mt. Battle. Dakim believes nobody will beat him since he defeat the area boss. Dakim finds himself confronted by Wes but is soon defeated by him and Mt. Battle is back in control. Dakim is seen again at Realgam Tower where he is guarding one of the four rooms. After Dakim is defeated, he disappears along with the rest of the admins. It turns out he went to the Deep Colosseum where he challenges Wes again. Once again, Dakim is defeated in battle.


Dakim's main strategy is to use the Earthquake/Protect combo.

Mt. Battle
Realgam Tower
Deep Colosseum


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