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Daisy Oak
(オーキド・ナナミ Nanami Ōkido)
[[File:Daisy in the Manga|125px]]
Hometown: Pallet Town
Region: Kanto
Family: Professor Oak (Grandfather)

Blue/Gary Oak (brother)

Friends: Red/Leaf
Class: Pokémon Groomer
First Appearance: Pokémon Red and Blue (game)
  • Electric Tale of Pikachu (manga)

Daisy Oak is Blue Oak's sister and Samuel Oak's granddaughter. Daisy lives in Pallet Town with her grandfather. She often drinks tea, which is most likely bought in Celadon City.

It is believed that she is a Top Pokémon Coordinator because it has been stated: The champion of the spring edition Pokémon Contest is Daisy Oak of Pallet Town!

Comment by Daisy

While paused for tea, I saw that you have become very strong and skillful. I hope you remain the ideal person to fight my little brother. Daisy is Blue's sister in the Pokémon games. She will give you a Town Map after obtaining the Pokédex.



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