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For Blue's sister and the granddaughter of Professor Oak, see Daisy Oak.

Daisy is one of Misty's older sisters, and is one of the three older Gym Leaders of Cerulean City for the Indigo Pokémon League.


Season 1: Indigo League

Daisy is the eldest sister of Cerulean Gym. She dresses in glamorous outfits and loves shopping (similar to Lily). At first, she was fastidious and delicate, but in a battle of Pokémon Chronicles, she fought with Misty to defeat Team Rocket. Daisy doesn't like to fight so that the arrival of Ash to the gym meant a real "hassle" for her. She even nearly offered to give Ash his Cascade Badge for him to leave without a battle.


Daisy before the digital rendering

She is irresponsible and enjoys directing the actions they do in the gym. She's a show off in front of Misty and says she is the least stressed. Only time would show what she can do compared to her little sister, as she learns to fight like a real Water-type Pokémon Gym Leader.

She likes Ash, the first time they see him saying goodbye to "never change" and the second time he is greeted warmly, unlike Brock who she is indifferent towards. They aren't shown in any Pokémon games. She was voiced by Lisa Ortiz in the English Dub.

In an episode of Pokémon Chronicles, to get back the Luvdisc Caserin and Luverin, Daisy had to get into the character of High-Speed Hannah from one of her movies by putting on a pair of fingerless gloves and sunglasses. When that happens, Daisy really gets into character. Her personality suddenly changes from prim and prissy to rough, tough, and a pretty reckless driver. However, when she gets back on solid ground, and takes off her gear, she reverts to Daisy again.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Caserin and Luverin
This Luvdisc was brought from a trip she won on the world. It has a small crown and is somewhat presumptuous and arrogant.
Pokémon Information
Cerulean Gym Dewgong
It apparently belongs to all four sisters. Participates in some water shows with the four. Evolves into Dewgong during a battle against Team Rocket.
Seel → Dewgong
Pokémon Information
Cerulean Gym's Seaking
It apparently belongs to all four sisters. No one knows how they got it. It seems to know Horn Attack, although this has yet to be seen.
Pokémon Information
Cerulean shellder
It apparently belongs to all four sisters. No one knows how they got it. But he is seen in several episodes in the pool swimming with other Pokémon.
Pokémon Information
Misty's Pokemon
The Sensational Sisters's multiple Goldeen iinhabit the pool in the Cerulean Gym along with many other Water Pokémon. They first appeared in a water performance called "Underwater Ballet" swimming with the other Pokémon alongside Misty playing the mermaid, then pretend to go to sleep. When Team Rocket take over the show they get the Goldeen trapped in a net. In the end with the help of Ash and his friends including Seaking and Dewgong they are able to get the Goldeen free. It is later seen in the finale of the performance.

Three make a brief cameo in Cerulean Blues in the aquarium.

Goldeen (x3)
Pokémon Information
The Sensational Sisters owns another Seel. This Seel made several appearances in Pokémon Chronicles.


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