In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Pokémon Platinum, there are daily events only available weekly. These events are usually minor things like bringing an NPC a certain item, or a certain Pokémon appearing.

Daily Events

Jublife TV Lottery

In Jubilife City's TV station, the player may participate in a daily lottery. The lottery uses the Trainer ID of any of his/her Pokémon as a ticket number. The lottery number is generated at the start of the day, to prevent save exploitation. Starting from the right most digit to the left, it counts how accurately any trainer ID's the player's Pokémon have match with the lotto's daily number.

The prizes that may be won are as follows.

Some games will give the player a new background accessory for contests if you match the last digit, while others do not.

Pokémon News Press

Once a day in Solaceon Town, the player may visit the Newspaper Company, located directly right of the Pokémon Center. The Newspaper Company will ask the player to bring them one Pokémon from the Sinnoh Pokédex per day (with no known cases of National Pokédex Pokémon as of yet). If the player succeeds in bringing him the specific Pokémon, he rewards him/her with three of the same type of Poké Balls found in the game, excluding Master Balls, Safari Balls, or Premium Balls and a Heart Scale.

Veilstone Pokémon Massages

In Veilstone City, the player may take any one of his/her Pokémon to the massage lady, located at the south-western part of Veilstone City. Her massages will both raises the Pokémon's happiness, and gives the player a random accessory. The following list of accessories can be found below:

The Seven Star Restaurant

The Seven Star Restaurant is a location to enjoy double Pokémon battles from levels 20 to 30, once a day between the hours of 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.

The Three Berry Givers

There are three NPCs in D/P/Pt that gives the player one free berry per day. The people and locations are as follows:

  • The Floaroma Accessory shop

The brown haired woman on the right Gives random low-number berries

"The Berry man" Gives totally random berries

Lady (please update) Gives random high-number berries

Trophy Garden

After the player obtains the National Pokédex, he/she may visit the Trophy Garden. Speaking with Mr. Backlot will cause him to tell about having a random Pokémon in his garden, and import it. The player then is given a day to find the stated Pokémon at a 5% encounter rate for one day.


After the player obtains the National Pokédex, he/she may speak with Dawn/Lucas's younger sister in Sandgem Town to learn the location and Pokémon found during swarms in specific locations. Swarms are rare Pokémon that appear only when cited "on TV". The Pokémon and location changes daily.

Pal Park

After the player obtains the National Pokédex, he/she may visit the Pal Park. This place is located at the end of Route 226 and is used to transfer Pokémon from previous Game Boy Advance titles to Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. Only six Pokémon may be uploaded per 24 hours, and no new Pokémon may be uploaded until all six previously uploaded ones have been caught.

Daily Great Ball

In the Celestic Town Pokémon Center, the player finds an old man who gives him/her a single Great Ball a day in exchange for showing him a Pokémon with a high Happiness Rating.

The Trendy Man

Each day, a man in Snowpoint City teaches the player a new saying to use in Conversations. He lives in the North-West corner of town.

The Belt Man

The Belt Man lives on Route 221 and gives the player one of three belts if he/she brings him a Pokémon of a specific level that will be randomly generated each day. He then gives the player one of the following belts in order:

The Seals Shop

The Seal shop is located in Sunyshore City, in a distinct looking building at the North-East part of town. He sells seals that alternates depending on the day of the week. The following list of seals on the specific day of the week can be found below:

Day Sticker 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Monday Heart Sticker A Star Sticker B Line Sticker C Electric Sticker B Fire Sticker A Party Sticker D Song Sticker A
Tuesday Heart Sticker B Star Sticker C Line Sticker D Electric Sticker C Flower Sticker A Fire Sticker B Song Sticker B
Wednesday Heart Sticker C Star Sticker D Smoke Sticker A Electric Sticker D Fire Sticker C Flower Sticker B Song Sticker C
Thursday Heart Sticker D Star Sticker E Smoke Sticker B Bubble Sticker A Fire Sticker D Flower Sticker C Song Sticker D
Friday Heart Sticker E Star Sticker F Smoke Sticker C Bubble Sticker B Party Sticker A Flower Sticker D Song Sticker E
Saturday Heart Sticker F Line Sticker A Smoke Sticker D Bubble Sticker C Party Sticker N Flower Sticker E Song Sticker F
Sunday Star Sticker A Line Sticker B Electric Sticker A Bubble Sticker D Party Sticker C Flower Sticker F Song Sticker G

Weekly Events

Drifloon Fridays

Starting on Friday, and ending 12 A.M. on Saturday, a Drifloon may be found and caught in front of the Valley Windworks, east of Floaroma Town.

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