This Medicham is a fighting/psychic-type Pokémon owned by Arcade Star Dahlia.


Medicham first appeared with Arcade Star Dahlia and her other Pokémon when she told Platinum she'll face her in her twenty-first battle.[1]

When she appeared for battle against Platinum, Medicham was seen and when the format on the screen to switch both trainers Pokémon explained by Dahlia too.[2]

As they were switched, each trainers Pokémon were seen on the opposing side of the field. When Platinum told Medicham to check to aura's of her Pokémon, it was shocked to see how strong they were. It fought against Platinum's Empoleon, which was defeated offscreen.[3]

As it was Dahlia's last Pokémon, it defeated Platinum's Rapidash, claiming victory for Platinum. When the battle had finished, the rest of Dahlia's Pokémon were seen smiling.[4]

As a man was speaking to the robot Starley, he mentioned that the Battle Arcade was closed, to the shock of the robot Starley. He explained that because Platinum defeated her, she went training, with an image of her and her Pokémon.[5]

Known moves

None of Medicham's moves are known.