Bonus Story: Mitsumi's Wish (ミツミの思い Mitsumi's Feelings) is the 6th and final chapter of Volume 6 of the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga.


In this bonus story, Mitsumi and Cynthia are talking to each other and Mitsumi explains to her why she prefers Pokémon Contests over Pokémon battles.

Chapter Plot

Cynthia is sitting on the stairs at the stadium of the Champion's League and Mitsumi walks, giving her some icecream and asking what is wrong. Cynthia takes the icecream and says that she was looking forward to her battle with Mitsumi but Mitsumi forfeited, that Team Galactic messed up the tournament, and that Hareta is having a nap. Mitsumi asks if she wants to continue their battle but Cynthia states that it doesn't seem like Mitsumi wants to battle and Mitsumi confesses, saying that is kinda true. She then tells Cynthia that she doesn't want her Pokémon to face the darkness of the battles she put them through in her Team Galactic days and that she wants that everyone sees the true beauty of their Pokémon through contests.

Mitsumi thinks back at the time when she met Professor Rowan and learnt that Pokémon aren't weapons for battles but friends, letting her Feebas evolve in the moonlight. Professor Rowan stated back then that he loves to see Pokémon evolve and that he knows that Mitsumi likes to see that aswell, encouraging her to grow out of the curse of Team Galactic to transform into a new Mitsumi. Mitsumi gave it a thought but Chimchar ran off and jumped to Milotic while it is smiling, making Mitsumi to leave Team Galactic.

Mitsumi goes back to reality and tells Cynthia that she doesn't need to worry because Mitsumi will crush her in the battle but for fun. Mitsumi walks to the middle of the stadium and Cynthia follows her, getting ready to start the battle.