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As Ash prepares to battle Conway in his third-round match, it's obvious that the two Trainers have very different battle styles--Conway relies on his predictive powers to formulate his battle strategy, while Ash loves an action-packed, head-to-head event!

Ash's first Pokémon is Noctowl and Conway has chosen his Shuckle. Using the Power Trick move, Conway switches Shuckle's attack and defense, turning its amazing defensive power into some seriously hard hits. Noctowl proves how strong it is and gets up right after one of these powerful punches, but Ash decides that this is a good time to switch Pokemon, so he brings out his Donphan. Soon after, he then switches Donphan out for Gible and Gible's fondness for biting turns out to be quite an advantage. Not only that, but Gible has finally mastered the elusive Draco Meteor and uses it to defeat Shuckle!

Conway sends out Lickilicky, but not for long. Ash switches out Gible for Noctowl again, who defeats Lickilicky without much effort. Then Conway brings out his Dusknoir who immediately uses Trick Room to put Ash's speedy Pokémon at a disadvantage. Dusknoir knocks out Noctowl in a single hit and Ash puts Donphan back into action, but Dusknoir defeats it as well, leaving Ash with only one Pokémon...

Ash brings out Gible one last time, and after a few well-placed bites, it defeats Conway's Dusknoir with another powerful Draco Meteor, which gives Ash his third-round victory!

The matchups are then posted for quarterfinals and Ash finds out that he'll be paired up against his rival Paul! So we leave our heroes just as Ash receives his old friend Gliscor from Air Battle Master...

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