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DP178: For the Love of Meowth!

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We join our heroes in the middle of yet another battle with Team Rocket and Ash sends them blasting off quickly. However, Meowth is separated from Jessie and James during the fight. Unconscious, Meowth is found and taken care of by a young girl named Mamie, along with her beautiful Glameow. When Meowth awakens, love is in the air!

After rejoining Team Rocket, Meowth decides they should catch Glameow as a gift for "da Boss" which of course is just an excuse to spend more time with his new crush. After they succeed in catching the Pokémon, Meowth and Glameow sneak away. What's more, Meowth leaves a note for Jessie and James, telling them that he's leaving Team Rocket! So our heroes, Mamie, and Jessie and James all vow to find Meowth and Glameow.

When they catch up to the two Pokémon, the fierce battling ensues as Meowth is determined to protect Glameow... and hew new-found devotion gives his Fury Swipes unbelievable power! Meowth fends off every attack until, all of a sudden, Glameow evolves into Purugly! This turning point causes Meowth to fall out of love with the suddenly much less attractive Pokémon and he returns to Team Rocket. Mamie gets her Purugly back and our heroes resume their travels to Sunyshore City... where Ash will be battling for his eighth Gym Badge!

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