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DP176: Coming Full-Festival Circle!

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Coming down to the wire at the Pokémon Contest Grand Festival, our four semifinalists are Nando, Zoey, Jessilina and Dawn. First up is Zoey vs. Nando and both Coordinators and their Pokémon put on a spectacular performance. As Zoey begins to take control by using Nando's attacks against him, the five-minute time limit expires, leaving Zoey as the victor!

Next up, it's Dawn vs. Jessilina. It becomes clear early on that Dawn has grown a lot as a Coordinator since her journey began. She is decisive, determined, and confident, and her crisp commands propel her Buneary and Cyndaquil to new heights! And when the time runs out, much to Jessilina's dismay, Dawn is declared the winner!

So it's Dawn and Zoey in the finals, just as they hoped... And next time, the girls will face off for the title of Top Coordinator!

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