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DP175: Opposites Interact!

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Ursula is her usual assured self and, as the battle begins, it appears that Dawn, competing with her Mamoswine and Pachirisu, can't even get a move in. Ursula and her Gabite and Flareon seem unstoppable as they chip away at Dawn's points little by little.

But Ursula's overconfidence provides an opening for Dawn. Inspired, she decides to use Ice Chandelier--her newest move--and pulls it off beautifully! When a surprised Ursula is caught off guard, Dawn uses Gabite's Dig to her own advantage... and when the smoke clears, Gabite and Flareon are unable to battle, giving Dawn a last-minute win!

Ursula, of course, chalks up Dawn's success to dumb luck. But no matter--Dawn has earned a place in the next round! Jessilina, Zoey and Nando have won their rounds as well, and with that group of competitors, the excitment is sure to keep going!

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