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DP172: With the Easiest of Grace!

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Dawn takes a little time to train with her newly acquired Togekiss before the Grand Festival. She discovers that Togekiss seems to take an extraordinarly long time swooping around--in a sort of sky dance--before executing a move. Dawn begins to think that she may never succeed with Togekiss in a Contest.

Meanwhile, Jessie has her eye on the beautiful and graceful Togekiss and she looks to James and Meowth for help catching it. Twice they attempt to dig a tunnel and then drill up from underground to catch Togekiss, each time to no avail. Then, when Team Rocket ends up catching Pikachu and Piplup, our heroes spring into action! And when Dawn calls several attacks for Togekiss to execute, the same sky-dancing initially ensues--this time the swoops allow Togekiss to dodge Team Rocket's attacks! Piplup and Pikachu are rescued safely and Team Rocket is sadly sent blasting off again.

Upon later reflection, Dawn realizes that Togekiss' extensive sky dancing was meant to show Dawn how valuable such swooping can be, and we leave our heroes as Dawn happily ponders how wonderful it will be to compete with Togekiss at her side in the Grand Festival!

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