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DP171: Dawn of a Royal Day!

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Continuing toward the Lakeside Resort and the Grand Festival, our heroes arrive in Arrowroot Town, where a Pokemon Contest is to take place that day. Dawn decides not to participate because she already has five Ribbons needed to enter the Grand Festival. Suddenly, Dawn is approached by a princess named Salvia, who is a big fan of Dawn. The two look so much alike that Salvia could pass for Dawn's twin! Princess Salvia has always greatly desired to participate in a Pokemon Contest, so she asks Dawn if they can secretly switch places for the day. That way, Salvia can compete in the Contest while Dawn assumes the duties of the princess.

As Salvia nervously anticipates the Contest, Dawn learns how exhausting it can be to cope with all the obligations of a princess! It turns out that their new roles are much harder than they expected. Meanwhile, Jessie (disguised as Jessilina) is outraged after seeing "Dawn" entering to compete in the Contest when she doesn't need the Ribbon and vows to beat her handily.

The real Dawn, disguised as the princess, oversees the Contest as a goodwill ambassador. The final round goes to Jessilina and the princess, disguised as Dawn. Although the competition is neck-and-neck, an uplifting change of heart allows the princess to win the Contest and the Arrowroot Ribbon!

Jessilina sadly reflects on her loss--until the disguised princess gives Jessie her Ribbon! This means Jessie now has five Ribbons and can turn her attention toward entering the Grand Festival. The princess bids a fond farewell to Dawn and the gang. Before they leave, the princess also gives Dawn her beloved Pokemon Togekiss to take with her on her journey to the Grand Festival!

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