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DP170: An Elite Coverup!

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We come across a disguised Team Rocket, pretending to run a Pokemon Day Care and promising they can evolve anyone's Pokemon in two hours! A young boy named Ian agrees to let them do just that. He leaves his Magby with them. Later, when Ian runs into our heroes and tells them what he's done, they become suspicious of such a claim. But when they all go back to the Day Care, it's gone!

Ian immediately decides to tell his mentor, Bertha, about it. Brock is shocked to recognize Bertha as a member of Elite Four, but Bertha asks Brock to not tell anyone. Bertha begins to guide Ian and our heroes in paying close attention to the details of the situation, and they soon come across the disguised Team Rocket in yet another location, trying to steal more Pokemon.

Some fierce battling ensues, with Bertha teaching and demonstrating the "power of observation". But when Team Rocket attempts to outfit their Pokemon with what they dub "Powering-Up Parts", that is the last straw! Team Rocket is sent blasting off again, while Magby is safely returned to Ian.

Bertha and Ian thank out heroes for their help. Bertha asks if there's anything she can do in return. After discovering she's a member of the Elite Four, Ash requests a battle with her. Although Ash and Torterra lost the battle to Bertha and Hippowdon, Ash gains valuable experience and practice with the power of observation, and Dawn discovers how valuable observation is for her and her Pokemon Contests as well!

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