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DP154: Mastering Current Events!

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As our heroes continue toward Daybreak Town and Dawn's next Pokemon Contest, they find themselves lost in a deep forest. Suddenly, they come across a retired Air Battle Master named McCann, as well as his granddaughter, Maya, and McCann's Scizor. Even though McCann is now retired, he mentions that he still occasionally has an aerial battle with a worthy opponent... if he can find one. In an instant, Ash's Gliscor wants to have an aerial battle with McCann, who agrees. As the battle ensues, it becomes obvious that Gliscor knows little about battling mid-air. Afterward, Gliscor, Ash and Dawn head out in the middle of the night for some training based on McCann's secret key to air battling--"reading the wind". By morning, with newfound knowledge and confidence, Ash and Gliscor challenge McCann and Scizor again! Ultimately, Gliscor is defeated, but shows much-improved skill in reading the wind and Ash realizes Gliscor has learned a new move--Giga Impact!

Impressed by Gliscor's abilities, McCann offers Gliscor the opportunity to stay and train with him, to which Gliscor agrees wholeheartedly. Ash accepts Gliscor's decision and our heroes head off once again on their journey as Gliscor stays behind for some sure-to-be amazing and comprehensive training with Mr. McCann!

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