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Ash and friends are enjoying the festivies of the Twinleaf Festival when they suddenly run into Barry. Wanting to see how Ash has improved, Barry challenges him to a battle. Plans are put on hold, however, when Barry sees the mysterious Xatu fly by and decides to follow it. Ash and Dawn go after him and they all arrive at a solitary festival tent with Psychic-type Pokemon performing out front. Before they can think to do much, a clown comes out of the tent and beckons them toward it where they're hit by a bright flash of light and put to sleep. When Ash, Dawn and Barry awaken, they're separated from their Pokemon and each other, and to make matters worse, they were somehow shrunk down to the size of a small Pokemon!
Ash becoming smaller

Ash shrinks

Will Ash and the others be able to find each other and return to their normal sizes? And what connection does this certain Natu have with the whole situation?

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