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DP135: Beating the Bustle and Hustle!

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Beating the Bustle and Hustle!
General Other Information
Season: Pokémon: DP Galactic Battles Char. of the Day: Azure, Crimson
Episode №: #601 Main: Ash, Dawn, Brock
Aired: JapanFlag July 9, 2009 Recurring: Jessie, James, Officer Jenny

Sinnoh Now staff: Rhonda (Sinnoh), Jack (Sinnoh)

UnitedStatesFlag December 12, 2009
Opening theme: Battle Cry - (Stand Up!) Minor: Azure, Crimson, Host

Sinnoh Now staff: Cameraman

Badge(s): Coalbadge Forestbadge Cobblebadge Fenbadge Relicbadge Minebadge Iciclebadge Setting: Lilypad Town, Sinnoh Pokémon Hustle
Pokémon: Pikachu (Ash's), Meowth (Team Rocket), Piplup (Dawn's), Happiny (Brock's), Buizel (Ash's), Croagunk (Brock's), Yanmega (Jessie's), Drowzee (Azure's), Zangoose (Crimson's), Growlithe (Officer Jenny's), Psyduck, Clefairy, Arcanine, Noctowl, Luxray, Shinx, Teddiursa, Sunflora, Nuzleaf, Flaaffy, Stunky, Graveler, Oddish, Bidoof
Pokémon: DP Galactic Battles


Ash and his friends are heading towards Dawn's next Contest in Lilypad Town when Dawn sees a poster announcing that her favorite show Sinnoh Pokémon Hustle, is holding auditions near there. She, Ash and Brock decide to check the program out, however, unknown to them, the show is actually Team Rocket setting up a test for future Team Rocket members! As they go to sign up they see Rhonda and the Sinnoh Now staff, have come to cover the event. Rhonda says that she is surprised that there is a Pokémon Hustle event going on as she had no notification of it.

Ash and friends are looking at all the people that have entered and attempt to say hi to a few. A girl with purple hair, a boy with blue hair and a lady with blue hair ignore them. They are surprised by the people's coldness around there.

Team Rocket is happy with how many people are signing up until they see the twerps. They make a plan to sabotage them in their events. Team Rocket announces to the participants that they are to put their Poké Balls in cubbyholes, and they will be transferred to the kitchen. Little do they know that it is actually a funnel, putting all their Poké Balls in a bag.

The first event requires the Trainer to cross over to logs, one of which spins. The first person to try is a Trainer with his Oddish, who promptly fall in. Next is Ash and Pikachu who make it across despite Team Rocket's interference. Then Dawn and Piplup manage to cross as well. Brock tries next but he and Happiny fall in, so does a Trainer and her Teddiursa. Then two talented Trainers named Crimson and Azure cross, also does a lady and her Growlithe.

The second stage of the competition is revealed to be a challenge where the Trainer swings across the water from one platform to another trying not to fall off when they hit a big, spinning yellow tube. Ash tries first and just barely manages to cross, hitting trouble at the spinning tube. Dawn also manages to make it across along with Azure, Crimson and the lady with the Growlithe. Jessie, James and Meowth head over to check on the Poké Balls to find that they are gone. Ash finds them and accuses them of taking the Pokémon. All the Trainers begin to crowd around and Team Rocket take off their disguises and performing their motto. When the Trainers ask for their Pokémon back they inform them that they do not know where they are.

Suddenly the lady from earlier rips off her disguise revealing that she is Officer Jenny. She points towards Azure and Crimson and says that they have stolen the Pokémon. Brock begins to flirt with her but Pikachu and Piplup drag him away. Team Rocket decides to help Azure and Crimson escape from the crowd and leads them up a tall ramp that has huge balls balanced at the top. The crowd of Trainers begins to follow them up the ramp. James pushes the balls off and takes out many of the Trainers except for Officer Jenny - who is shown jumping them - and Ash, Dawn, and Brock, who hang on the side. Team Rocket then leads them down a zip line. As Jenny, Ash, Dawn and Brock follow, they cut the zip line, causing the others to fall. Team Rocket then praises Azure and Crimson who are not the least impressed and say that they are a two person team. Crimson and Azure then send out their Zangoose and Drowzee and send Team Rocket flying backwards. Jenny sends out Growlithe who uses Flame Wheel on Drowzee, getting everybody's Poké Balls back. Ash then sends out Buizel who uses Water Gun on Drowzee and Zangoose. Jessie and James then send out Yanmega but they are sent blasting off by Drowzee's Shadow Ball. Growlithe then defeats Drowzee with Fire Fang and Pikachu defeats Zangoose with Thunderbolt. Jenny then arrests both Azure and Crimson. Brock then again flirts with Officer Jenny but is taken off by Croagunk. Jenny then leaves with Azure and Crimson, and then after saying good-byes Ash, Dawn and Brock continue yet again on their way to the Contest.


  • This was the last episode to air before the premiere of Arceus and the Jewel of Life in Japanese theaters.
  • Ash, his friends, Pikachu, and Piplup read the title card.
  • A new eyecatch featuring Team Rocket is shown.
  • Pikachu and Piplup drag away Brock when he starts to flirt with Officer Jenny, with Pikachu yanking on Brock's ear, as Misty and Max did.
  • This is the only time that Jessie battles a Zangoose and Seviper doesn't come out of its Poké Ball.
  • The dub returns to show new episodes in a 4:3 aspect ratio on standard definition yet again, after showing the previous two episodes in a 16:9 aspect ratio. This would continue until Cartoon Network stopped their cropping practices sometime during the week prior to the initial dubbed airing of Sticking With Who You Know!.
  • Music from Destiny Deoxys, Lucario and the Mystery of Mew, and Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea is played in this episode.
  • This episode breaks the fourth wall.


  • During one of the scenes of this episode, the end of Meowth's tail was the same color as his body.
  • When Croagunk was about to Poison Jab Brock, Croagunk's Japanese voice could be heard.
  • In one scene Jessie's belly button is stretched down.


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