A Pyramiding Rage! (バトルピラミッド!シンジVSジンダイ!! Battle Pyramid! Paul VS Brandon!!) is the 24th episode of Pokémon: DP Galactic Battles.

Episode Plot

Paul challenges Candice to a Gym Battle. Candice refuses, as she has just had her battle with Ash and instructs Paul to come tomorrow. Ash shows Paul his seventh Badge and asks him how many he has, but Paul leaves, not wanting to tell him. Candice knows Dawn and Zoey are rivals, but their rivalry is nothing compared to the one between Ash and Paul. Zoey is being told about Ash and Paul's rivalry, while Dawn wonders where Ash is. Ash thanks Paul for having his Torterra show Grotle the new style of battling, while Paul asks Ash "If you won the Badge, why do you need Torterra to hold your hand?"

Zoey stops Paul and intimidates him, but Dawn pulls her to herself. Paul passes by, making Zoey wish that "Miss Senior" defeats him. The next day, Reggie drives his car and spots Paul in Snowpoint City. The heroes come out and meet Reggie again. Reggie tells them he is about to leave a Pokémon he has been watching over to its trainer. Reggie asks Ash if he is to challenge Candice, though Ash tells him he already won the Badge. Reggie asks his brother if he can watch the Battle. Paul responds that he can do whatever he wants. Zoey now notices that Reggie and Paul are different from each other. The ground begins to shake and the gang spots that the Battle Pyramid passes by, Ash immediately requisition it. Reggie ask Ash how he know about it, Ash tells that it took time, but he crossed over the Facility and got the badge, much to Paul's shock.

Team Rocket is also surprised to see the Battle Pyramid passing by. Ash contacts Brandon and they all go towards the point where it landed. Dawn asks about the Battle Frontier and Brock explains that they are a bunch of people like Gym leaders, but much more intense and Brandon is the most powerful of them, as such, everyone calls him "The Pyramid King". Brock asks Reggie if he challenged them, Reggie said he did, but he never got the Brave Symbol, which was prove at winning at the Battle Pyramid. Ash asks why he stopped and Reggie responds "Because I have learn one thing, and I have a lot more to learn.". They meet up with Brandon, who recognizes Ash, Brock and Reggie, he even recognize Paul as Reggie's younger brother. Paul, surprisingly, challenges Brandon to a battle.

Candice comes on her Dodrio to see the Pyramid and meets Brandon, who introduced himself, as well a Candice. A jeep comes by and a woman comes out and tells Brandon she expected him - her name is Temple Maiden Maria. Brock flirts with her and gets hit by his Croagunk's Poison Jab. Dawn asks Zoey if there is a temple and Zoey confirms, as there is some history associated with it. Brandon tells he came to study the temple and asks his referee, Samuel, to go with her, as he goes to battle with Paul. Paul wants to challenge him as he goes to finish "what his brother couldn't". Ash wants to watch, though Paul does not care. Brock goes to act as a refree, but Paul tells him to back down, as he wants a full 6-on-6 battle, Pokemon existence is allowed and that the battle will be over when one side of all 6 Pokemon are unable to continue. Paul sends Magmar and Brandon his Regirock, to which Paul remembers.

Reggie tells them that he remembers when Paul was watching, tho that when he along with his Pokemon were defeated by Brandon, he explain that when he challenged Brandon, Paul got his Turtwig and they watched. Reggie was defeated and Brandon asked him where is his true inner strength is, which caused Paul to be the way he is now... rough. Paul calls Magmar back and sends Hariyama, who has and advantis over rock-types. Regirock starts with Stone Edge, but Hariyama blocks it with its hands. Hariyama uses Arm Thrust and Regirock holds it, then uses Shock Wave at point-blank range, causing major damage to the Pokemon. Hariyama uses Force Palm, but misses and gets hit and defeated by Regirock's Focus Punch.

Meowth thinks it would be good to climb the pyramid and Jessie says that they should go to the temple. They turn to James and ask him what he thinks, but he does not ally with either side. Playing rock, paper, scissors, neither side wins and continue to play, If Jessie wins, then they go to the temple, If Meowth wins, then they climb up the pyramid.

Paul sends Electabuzz, who uses Brick Break. Regirock uses Stone Edge, which negates Electabuzz' Protect and wounds it, much to the slight anger of Paul. With a Hyper Beam, Electabuzz is defeated. Brandon calls Regirock back and sends Registeel and Paul his Magmar. Magmar starts with Flamethrower, hitting Registeel with a direct hit, but Registeel does not seem to be hurt. Registeel uses Iron head, Paul tells Magmar to block it, and then use Wilo-Wisp, but Registeel's Iron Head is too strong, crushing through Mamgar's defenses. Magmar got scared by this attack, so Paul calls it back and sends Nidoking, Dawn was confuse as to why Paul choose Nidoking, who is a poison-type and has no effect on steel-types. Zoey explanes that Nidoking is also an ground-type, whos moves are effective against steel-types, Registeel uses Flash Cannon, hitting Nidoking. Nidoking uses Earth Power and Double Kick, pushing Registeel. Nidoking uses Thunderbolt, but Registeel uses Iron Head to negate the attack and defeat Nidoking.

Brandon ask Paul if he thinks that he wants to defeat him, if he wants so much to "avenge" his brother's defeat. Paul responds he told that one must find its strength, but unlike Reggie, his power comes from will. Brandon asks him why does he battle, but Paul ignores him, becoming far more angry and sends Lairon. Brandon calls Registeel back and sends Regice. Lairon uses Iron Defense, though gets frozen by Regice's Ice Beam. With a Zap Cannon, Lairon is defeated (much to Paul's shock and anger). Paul sends Ursaring, who uses Hammer Arm, though gets in collision with Regice's Focus Punch. Ursaring was about to use Focus Blast, but Regice then uses Zap Cannon, hitting and paralyzing Ursaring and prevented her from using Focus Blast. Brandon calls Regice back and sends Regirock (Paul was so infuriated that he did not call out an attack for Ursaring). With a Stone Edge, Ursaring is defeated.

Paul sends Magmar. Magmar uses Flamethrower, but Regirock blocked the attack with ease, so Regirock uses Shock Wave, defeating Magmar. Since Paul has used all his Pokémon, Brandon wins (much to Paul's grev). Brandon sees the Pokémon are very well trained, but notices the emotions clouded Paul's mind. Brandon promises to battle once he controls his emotions, so Paul bows his head. Team Rocket stops playing and see everyone going out of the Pyramid.

Paul tells Candice to prepare herself for the Gym Battle, so Candice tells him she is looking forward to it. She sends Dodrio and wishes Dawn luck in her next Contest. Zoey and Candice leave them. Paul goes away, but Reggie asks if he and Ash could have a battle. Brandon thinks it is a good idea, so Ash and Paul agree. Reggie tells them that, in ten days, near Lake Acuity they should be there. Suddenly, Samuel and Maria come out and report to Brandon that a really bad thing has happened in the temple.


  • There is no Professor Oak's Pokémon lecture following this episode.
    • This is also the first time when a Frontier Brain appears after the Battle Frontier arc.
  • This is the first episode in which both Paul and Reggie appear in person together.
  • This is the second time when Paul loses a Pokémon match without his opponent losing a single one of his/her Pokémon, the first being against Cynthia 88 episodes back.
  • The Sinnoh map shown on TV is similar to the one in-game.
  • If the collision of Regice's Focus Punch and Ursaring's Hammer Arm isn't counted as a hit, all of Paul's Pokémon were knocked out with two hits.
  • Team Rocket does not blast off or recite their motto in this episode.


  • Regirock's Stone Edge is able to hit Electabuzz through Protect, though nothing except Feint and Shadow Force can do this under normal conditions.
  • During three scenes Zoey's eyes are colored orange.
  • In the Dutch dub Brandon tells Regirock to use Rock Smash (Steen Knal) instead of Stone Edge (Steen Rand).
  • The Cycling Road is absent on Kanto's map.


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