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DP117: Noodles! Roamin' Off!

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After yet another failed attempt to steal Pikachu, Team Rocket sits down for a delicious lunch at a noodle shop and the shop's owner asks to speak to them. The owner, Christopher, was a Team Rocket trainee along with Jessie and James--but after they took him to a noodle stand one night, he realized there was more to life than Team Rocket. Thanks to their help, he now has a noodle shop empire! And after he sees how Meowth's claws are perfect for slicing noodles, he even offers Meowth a job. But Team Rocket sticks with what they know best; they build a giant ramen robot to ambush Ash and steal Pikachu, only to get blasted off by Pikachu's Thunderbolt.

Jessie and James blame Meowth for their defeat, so Meowth decides to go where he's appreciated: back to the noodle shop! Then, Jessie decides to be a full-time Coordinator, and she quits too! That just leaves James, heartbroken and alone, who hears our heroes talking about a uniquely colored Metagross in the mountains up ahead. James decides to catch Metagross for the boss, but he has no idea that this Metagross is known to be a deadly threat! Jessie hears about some poor Trainer who had an "R" on his shirt and went in search of the Metagross. It must be James and it sounds like he's in danger!

Jessie runs to the noodle shop to get Meowth, but Meowth is a successful noodle master now. Meowth is still angry with Jessie, so she decides to make it a solo mission. Up in the mountains, James has found the silver Metagross, but it easily defeats his Mime Jr. and Carnivine. Jessie's Yanmega and Seviper get there just in time to knock Metagross away, but Jessie doesn't have time to celebrate her rescue. Metagross is tougher than they thought and now it has both Jessie and James trapped--until Meowth arrives on the scene with a rocket and a getaway balloon. Metagross does use Gyro Ball to blast Team Rocket and their balloon into the sky, but Team Rocket is just happy to be a team again!

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