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DP116: The Drifting Snorunt!

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Team Rocket is lost in a blizzard when a Froslass comes to their rescue. Our heroes are stranded in that same blizzard, trying to reach Snowpoint City, when Froslass invites them into a warm, cozy cabin. But when Froslass prepares a hot bath for Piplup, it turns out to be an icy trap and the cabin is revealed to be an illusion! Froslass has trapped Piplup in ice and it already kidnapped Meowth by using the same trick on Team Rocket. But why? Froslass wants Team Rocket and our heroes to go look for its friend, a missing Snorunt. A human betrayed its trust once, and now it doesn't trust people at all--so it's holding Meowth and Piplup hostage, just in case!

To help Froslass and restore its faith in people, Ash promises to help find Snorunt no matter what. And after our heroes and Team Rocket collide in the forest while searching for Snorunt, they decide to work together. But just as they find Snorunt, a Glalie hits them with a surprise attack. It uses Leer to stun Snorunt, so it can take it and fly away. Ash and Dawn try to battle Glalie with Chimchar and Buneary, but Glalie is just too strong. Then its Trainer, a poacher, drives up on a snowmobile and tells them he's hunting Snorunt to sell on the black market!

Those are fighting words, but Glalie is a tough match for Chimchar, Buneary and even Team Rocket's Carnivine and Yanmega. Ash won't give up; Chimchar, the group's only Fire-type, puts up a brave fight against Glalie, yet it just can't seem to win. When Froslass sees the battle and how hard Ash and Chimchar are fighting for Snorunt, it leaps into the battle and helps Chimchar take down Glalie and its Trainer. Now that Froslass and Snorunt are together, Froslass releases Meowth and Piplup, then apologizes. No apologies needed, though; Ash and his friends wave a friendly farewell as they continue on to Snowpoint City.

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