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DP115: Stealing the Conversation!

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As our heroes are getting ready to head for Snowpoint City, Team Rocket makes a sudden grab for Pikachu. Our heroes fight back and Team Rocket flees empty-handed while Pikachu ends up in the hands of "Wild" Officer Jenny and her Chatot partner. She was transferred to Sinnoh from Kanto and she's on the trail of Team Rocket. In fact, she wants Ash and his friends to stand as decoys until Team Rocket returns. But when the chief of police catches Jenny luring the kids into another one of her crazy investigations, she gets a stern lecture.

With her plan foiled, Officer Jenny offers to take our heroes out to lunch instead. When they run into some crooks along the way, Jenny knocks them down with her set of bowling balls and Chatot uses Feather Dance to help apprehend them. As Jenny basks in the glow of a job well done, Team Rocket shows up to swipe Pikachu in a net. Officer Jenny jumps in front of Pikachu and Team Rocket snags her Chatot by mistake! But Chatot has been Officer Jenny's pal and partner ever since she became a detective and she won't let Team Rocket get away with this.

Team Rocket escapes and holes up in their hideout; they're hoping to give Chatot to the boss, but the talkative Pokemon is getting on their nerves. Staravia leads Officer Jenny and our heroes to the hideout and Team Rocket tries to evade capture by jumping into their own giant bowling pin-shaped robot. No matter what attacks our heroes try, the robot refuses to be knocked down! But once Jenny's well-aimed bowling ball knocks over the robot, Chatot takes the opportunity to escape from Team Rocket. Team Rocket figures Jenny is out of bowling balls, but she has one weapon left: Chatot's Steel Wing! Chatot demolishes the robot, causing an explosion that sends Team Rocket sailing away. Now Officer Jenny and her Chatot can head to their next assignment in the Whirl Islands and our heroes can finally head for Snowpoint City!

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