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DP103: Jumping Rocket Ship!

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Barry joins Ash and the gang as they take a blimp to Canalave City. As soon as they disembark, Team Rocket--disguised as photographers--offers to take a commemorative picture of everyone and their Pokémon. Even Barry, after some encouragement, reluctantly sends out his Empoleon. It turns out to be a Team Rocket trap, of course, but our heroes' Pokemon fight back and cause a huge explosion that sends all the Pokémon soaring out of sight. Meowth and Mime Jr. land next to Pikachu and Pachirisu and Meowth hatches a cunning plan by pretending to be Pikachu's new ally. Ash finds Gliscor and Staravia right away, then sends them after Team Rocket's balloon. Staravia is distracted by Team Rocket's lovely Staravia decoy, but Gliscor manages to take down the balloon, forcing Jessie and James to search the city on foot.

As the search continues through the maze like streets of Canalave City, Team Rocket and our heroes manage to find some of their Pokémon. And just in the nick of time, both Ash and Team Rocket spot Pikachu's group. But Meowth's secret plan won't work if Pikachu reunites with Ash first, so Meowth leads Pikachu in the wrong direction! Ash still finds Pikachu's group first, so Meowth and Mime Jr. ask our heroes if they can join the good guys. Meowth is tired of being abused by Jessie and James--or so he says...

As they head to the Pokémon Center, Meowth and the gang fall into a Team Rocket pit trap. Jessie and James are indignant when Barry tells them Meowth has switched sides and a Pokémon battle breaks out! Once Ash's Buizel and Barry's Empoleon defeat Team Rocket without a second thought, Meowth realizes where his true royalties lie. He turns on the twerps and the fight is on, but not for long. A triple attack from Buizel, Empoleon and Piplup sends all of Team Rocket blasting into the sky! With everyone safely reunited, Barry sets off for Iron Island, while Ash sets his sights on the Canalave Gym.

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