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Ash and his friends are just in time for the Pokemon Summer Academy at Professor Rowan's research facility on Mt. Coronet, where young Trainers have gathered to make new friends and learn about Pokemon. Among the campers are Dawn's one-time tag partner, Conway, and Jessie--now Jessilinda--who's forgotten about Team Rocket's plan to steal the Academy's Pokemon. Each Trainer is assigned a team and a new Pokemon; Ash nearly gets into a fight over a Pokeball with Angie, another Trainer on Ash's Red Team, before ending up with a Raichu. Angie has a Monferno, Dawn gets a Grimer and Brock has a Magnemite. Angie's Monferno is out of control and Ash's Raichu is too shy, but tomorrow Professor Rowan will judge how well everyone has done with their Pokemon!

When they're not busy getting on each other's nerves, Ash and Angie are busy falling asleep in class. But after a full day of excitment, bedtime finally rolls around. Everyone is still wide-awake, so Angie plays cards with Ash and his friends until Professor Rowan's assistant, Yuzo, angrily enforces the lights-out rule. The next day, Ash works to build up his Raichu's confidence and Angie challenges her Monferno to let out all its aggression. Pokemon and Trainer are finally bonding, just in time for the day's battles!

Brock is up against Jessie and her Smoochum, but Smoochum is so cute that Jessie cuddles her Pokemon and forfeits the battle. Dawn's Grimer faces Conway's Venonat, then Ash's Raichu and Angie's Monferno take each other on in a match that perfectly demonstrates their Trainers' attack-oriented styles. At the end of it all, Dawn gets an award for bonding with her Pokemon, but the Red Team--including Ash, Angie, Brock and Dawn--is currently last in overall points, thanks to Ash and Angie's behavior the previous day. Conway's Blue Team is first in the points, but it's not over yet. There are still more Pokemon Summer Academy adventures ahead!

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