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DP086: Arriving in Style!

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Ash and his friends have returned to Hearthome City for Ash's Gym Battle, but the Gym Leader is still out of town. Instead, Pokemon Stylist Paris invites Dawn and Ash to enter the Hearthome Collection fashion show where people and Pokemon show off their best looks. The winner will be part of a Pokemon Chic Campaign photo shoot! Jessie decides to enter with James as her personal designer. Whoever enters, they'll be up against Lady Cocoa, a famous celebrity and fashion muse!

Brock has no trouble whipping up outfits for Ash and Pikachu, but Dawn can't figure out what to make for herself and Buneary. Then she remembers Hermione, a strange woman she met earlier, and realizes that Hermione's comments are the key. Inspired, Dawn gets back to work...

The next day, Mayor Enta introduces the Hearthome Collection and its judges, Paris and Hermione. As it turns out, Hermione is Pokemon Chic's editor-in-chief and a formidable judge; she's not entirely pleased by Ash and Pikachu's funny fashion idea. Jessie and Wobbuffet are no better; Jessie decided to add extra color to James' fine designs and Brock ends up consoling a brokenhearted James. Then it's Cocoa and her Mismagius, showing off a dazzling dress that stuns the crowd, followed by Dawn and Buneary in simple snow-themed outfits. The finalists are Ash, Cocoa and Dawn!

Jessie is outraged at the results, so she crashes the finals with the rest of Team Rocket in tow. Paris' Lopunny teams up with Dawn's Buneary to put Jessie's fashion dreams on ice for good and the Collection can continue. Ash wins an award for being unique, Cocoa wins the Accessory Award, and Dawn is the grand winner because she remembered to show off her Buneary, not her dress.

However, she turns down the Pokemon Chic campaign in order to focus on her Coordinator training--the Celestic Town Contest is her next destination!

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