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DP073: Crossing Paths

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Dazzled by dreams of success, Jessie and Dustox train on the shores of a beautiful mountain lake. Jessie's Dustox is then distracted by an unfamiliar Dustox--this one belongs to Austin, a Trainer who tells Jessie about the Dustox Crossing. At this time of year, Dustox pair off over the lake and migrate over Mt. Coronet; after hearing this and seeing her Dustox's obvious crush on Austin's Dustox, Jessie begins to muse on her past.

As a teenager aiming for stardom, Jessie chose auditions over a chance to leave town with a boy named Astin. But Jessie didn't pass her auditions and she still wonders what would've happened if she'd gone with Astin instead. She's determined now to stop Dustox from making the same mistake she did!

A sudden mountain storm damages the lake, causing the water to leak. That means no lunar reflection on the lake's surface, and without that reflection, the Dustox won't come to the lake for the Crossing. For Dustox's sake, Jessie immediately starts to repair the damage and even Ash and his friends help in the effort. Jessie and Austin then have their Dustox team up to transport the overflow water back into the lake and the Crossing can continue as normal.

Jessie's Dustox starts to fly away with Austin's Dustox, but it turns back at the last minute and returns to Jessie. To force it to go, Jessie grabs Dustox's Pokeball and smashes it to bits, telling Dustox to go follow its heart. As Dustox flutters off for good, Jessie's own heart is quietly breaking--but she hopes that her Dustox will find love and happiness.

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