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DP072: Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Part 2

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Pokemon Hunter J has trapped Ash and a kidnapped Riolu in the heart of a blazing forest fire, so she can capture Riolu for her cilent--and Ash is unable to stop her from seizing Riolu and flying away! In another part of the forest, Kellyn recruits some Blastoise to quench the flames, but Ash must rely on Chimchar's Dig to keep him safe. As soon as the coast is clear, Ash sneaks onboard J's ship and confronts her in person only to discover that she already knew he was there. J then ejects Ash from the ship in mid-air, but a timely rescue by Kellyn and Staraptor keeps the show from coming to a premature end.

As Ash and his friends consider their next move, Ash realizes he can use his Aura connection with Riolu to sense its location. Everyone saddles up on some Dodrio and sets off in pursuit, hoping to intercept J before she can hand off Riolu to her cilent. They reach J's rendezvous point, but they're too late: the cilent has already gotten Riolu, and he leaps on a Fearow and takes off with his prize! While Dawn, Brock, Officer Jenny and Solana hold off the cilent's troops, Ash and Kellyn spur on their Dodrio in pursuit.

Kellyn's Dodrio leaps onto Fearow to bring it down, yet it still doesn't convince the cilent to give up Riolu. He flees into a cave and blocks the path behind him, not realizing that Kellyn can recruit a Donphan to clear the way and Ash can use Aura to find Riolu. The cilent is finally cornered and knocked out by Pikachu's Volt Tackle, his men are subdued and put in custody. As for J, she escapes to hunt another day, but Riolu is safely headed home to the Paradise Kingdom. So for now, Ash and his friends are happy with a job well done as they continue down the road to Pastoria City!

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