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DP070: The Bells Are Singing!

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Beginning their journey to Pastoria City, Ash, Dawn and Brock have stopped for something to eat. Meanwhile, Dawn is also showing off the new vest her mom made for Buneary. All of a sudden a Chingling wanders into their camp. The Chingling's trio Trainer Francesca soon shows up and performs her magic act, only to have it interrupted by Chingling. She then tells how this Chingling is a little spoiled and is always ruining the act. Ash, Dawn and Brock decide to help her solve the problem. Meanwhile, Team Rocket wants to steal Francesca's Chingling trio for the boss. After Team Rocket managed to steal Francesca's Chingling trio, James wants to keep the spoiled Chingling for himself, hoping it will make a perfect Pokemon companion for him and his absent Chimecho.

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