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DP061: Team Shocker!

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The Solaceon Contest is about to start and Dawn is eager to show off her Ambipom's spectacular Swift move. The competition includes both Jessie and Dawn's friend Kenny, who's also been helping Ash's Turtwig learn the Energy Ball move. Kenny and his Breloom make an impressive Contest entrance and Jessie brings out her Dustox for an explosive first act. Then Dawn takes the stage and Ambipom's swirling Swift lights up the entire stadium--but the judges don't seem impressed by Ambipom's pyrotechnics...

Backstage, everyone gathers for the first round results: Kenny and Jessie advance, yet Dawn is out of the competition. As her friends comfort her, she shrugs it off and puts on a brave face, staying to watch the Contest finals and cheer for Kenny. The last round of the Contest sees Kenny and his Prinplup battling Jessie and Dustox and Jessie wins the match as time runs out. Kenny leaves to train for his next Contest, but he's quietly concerned that Dawn no longer seems to be interested in competing.

Just as Kenny suspected, this latest setback has left Dawn deeply confused and upset. The next day, Dawn won't even get out of bed until Zoey, who saw what happened at the Contest, shows up and demands a battle. During the battle, Zoey shows Dawn that Ambipom's Swift move was pretty-too pretty! Ambipom was hidden by all the flash when Dawn should have been concentrating on showing off Ambipom itself. Somewhat cheered, Dawn takes Zoey's advice to heart as our heroes head for Veilstone City, where Ash hopes to win his next Gym Badge!

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