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DP060: Journey To The Unown!

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Ash and friends arrive in Solaceon Town for Dawn's next contest. Dawn is training and shows off Aipom's new move, Double Hit. Brock reveals that this means Aipom is close to evolving. Soon Kenny arrives and reveals his new Breloom. Ash wants to battle him and Kenny agrees. During the battle, Kenny shows off the move Energy Ball, which Ash immediately wants to teach Turtwig. Kenny agrees and the battle is called off to begin training. Meanwhile, Team Galactic Commander Saturn and his two henchmen arrive at the Solaceon Ruins and retrieve a special cube, and before leaving, they upset all of the ruins' Unown. Ash, Dawn, Brock and Kenny arrive at the ruins and are then unexpectedly caught in the Unown's warped dimension and must figure out a way to stop them.


  • From this episode onwards, Dawn's Piplup is kept outside of its Pokéball.

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