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Ash and friends are lost while on the trip to Solaceon Town. They find a mansion nearby and decide to check it out. When they approach, they are attacked by a young girl named Marble, her Luxray, and a bunch of security guards, who believe they are thieves. The owner comes out and the misunderstanding is resolved. The owner, Matthew, reveals that three criminals want to steal his treasure, the Old Charm, at 8:00. It turns out that Team Rocket are the thieves and they make off with the treasure. Their plan ends abruptly when their balloon pops and crash lands in another part of the mansion. Everyone heads to get there, but Team Rocket falls prey to the mansion's traps. Now it is up to Ash, Dawn, Brock and Marble to find Team Rocket and get the Old Charm back, but with a mansion full of traps and a disobedient Luxray, that may be harder than planned.

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