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DP027: Setting A Not - So - Old Score!

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The Floaroma Town Contest has just started and Dawn's already in trouble! Pachirisu gets spooked before Dawn can even start their Appeal and only Dawn's quick thinking and a Poffin treat can calm it down, so they can complete their performance. Even with that good recovery, it's no help for Dawn's nerves that the first round goes perfectly for Jessie, a.k.a. Jessilina, and Dawn's old friend Kenny. Still, Dawn advances with them to the next round, much to her relief! She's eager to take on Kenny, but her first opponent turns out to be Jessie.

Jessie and Dustox battle Dawn and Piplup and Jessie's not actually half-bad. She shows off a few good moves and manages to put Dawn on the defensive. But Dawn manages to come back and win the battle, which means she'll face Kenny and his Prinplup in the next round. Piplup's Peck isn't going to win the round this time because Kenny's Prinplup easily counters that attack with Metal Claw. And with a Water-type battling Water-type, it's going to take something special to win this one!

Dawn has Piplup use Whirlpool and Prinplup boldly dives into the vortex to battle Piplup. It's a close battle, but in the end, victory goes to Dawn and Piplup, earning them the Floaroma Ribbon! Of course, Kenny is disappointed, but he promises to battle Dawn again at another Contest. And with that, it's time to head for Eterna City and Ash's next Gym Battle!

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