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DP025: Oh Do You Know the Poffin Plan!

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Ash and friends have reached Floaroma Town, the site of Dawn's next Pokemon Contest as well as a Poffin cooking class! Poffins are a type of Pokemon snack that Ash has never seen before, and it doesn't make much convincing for him and his friends to join the class. Making Poffin turns out to be harder than it looks, even when our heroes are being instructed by an expert like Forsythia. She's a Trainer with a flowery field full of Poffin ingredients and a shy Roserade that she met back when it was a lonely little Budew.

When Team Rocket launches an automated raid on the berries Forsythia uses to make her Poffins, her Roserade puts on a scarf and steps up to defend its home. Whenever Roserade wears that scarf, its personality changes from shy to superhero--but once Meowth snatches the scarf, Roserade loses its nerve and is kidnapped by Team Rocket!

Forsythia calls to Roserade, reminding it that it's still strong even without the scarf. This gives Roserade the confidence it needs to deal Team Rocket another defeat and restore the damage caused by their rampage. Now it's back to cooking class where Dawn develops her own special Poffin recipe. It looks like everyone has found some inspiration today and Dawn should be on track to make a great showing at the upcoming Pokemon Contest!

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