Putting a Crimp in Kricketot (VSコロボーシ VS Kricketot) is the 4th chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 30.


The trio reach Oreburgh Gate, Platinum goes off on her own into the mines. Where she realizes that Piplup wants to battle.

Chapter Plot

The trio reaches Oreburgh Gate, Platinum checks her map she got from Jubilife City. Platinum explains how Oreburgh City came into existence when Diamond claims he had no idea. While Pearl thinks she could be a good tour guide if she tried. Pearl and Diamond complain about the heat, While Turtwig's leaves start wilting because of the heat so Diamond gives him water which he offers Piplup, and Piplup rejects it which Pearl's Pokédex states that Piplup is very proud. Pearl mentions that it has the characteristics of its owner.

Platinum orders Pearl and Diamond to look for a place with good atmosphere which Pearl gets angry and demands why, which Platinum states she has to do a lot of research of routes leading to Mt. Coronet. While talking, a bulldozer hurls towards them which Piplup uses Bubble to stop it. Diamond rushes to Platinum asking if she is alright.

A man shouts at a Psyduck, calling him "Yeller" about playing with the controls of the machine. He says that that Psyduck was a handful since it hatched, he tells he will repay them in which Platinum asks him to show her the inside of the mines, shocking Diamond and Pearl. Pearl tells she can go in by herself, which she is overjoyed thinking that her professional bodyguards allowed her to go inside.

Meanwhile in the hotel, Pearl and Diamond discuss about Pokémon evolutions. Diamond states if food can evolve and Pearl smacks him. They see Chimchar, Munchlax and Turtwig sleeping which Diamond states it doesn't feel right for them to have picked the hotel that Platinum will complain. Pearl assures him that she wanted to go alone, which Diamond states she might be a "Damsel in Distress" after the times that the Starly, Bidoof and the Luxio attacked them. Pearl tells that Piplup protected her, hiding its power. Chatler comes and tells where Platinum is which Pearl gets angry.

The story returns to Platinum admiring the mines, she sees a cave and askes the foreman what it is. She sees a yellow thing and goes near it and suddenly a horde of Kricketot and Kricketune appear. Piplup tries to save Platinum but lands on the floor. It intervenes and was overpowered. Pearl comes to the rescue with Chatler and Chimler before the two attacked. Piplup wanted to defeat the horde of Kricketot by itself, Platinum says she brought Piplup to observe her growth, but Pearl tells that Piplup wants to participate in the battles they have had. The miner apologies by saying that it was Roark's idea to use the cave to train. The miner states that the Kricketot thought Platinum wanted to train, and suggest that Platinum challenges a Gym. Platinum and Pearl return to hotel which Platinum states its plain.






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