Extreme Luxio (VSルクシオ VS Luxio) is the 3rd chapter of Pokémon Adventures: Volume 30.


The trio are traveling but an unexpected encounter ruins the plan. But Pearl saves the day.

Chapter Plot

The story begins with the original bodyguards looking for Platinum. Meanwhile, Platinum thinks about when Diamond and Pearl fought back the horde of Bidoof, thinking they were professional bodyguards. While thinking, a Luxio attacks the trio and Platinum thinks about what Sebastian said. Diamond thinks the Luxio doesn't like grass dumplings and Pearl wonders why it attacked. Diamond asks Platinum when they were going to lunch, referring to her as "Missy", which she says they are near Oreburgh City. Pearl gets mad with Diamond for calling Platinum "Missy" but Diamond clarifies he heard it from Chatler which he mimicks Chatot saying what he overheard on the phone. Pearl thinks her name is "Mis" and the surname is "sy". Pearl gets an idea to do a play for Jubilife City.

Meanwhile at Professor Rowan's lab, he asks his assistant for his research project. The scene returns to Diamond and Pearl with Pearl slapping Diamond of eating too much. Pearl then starts talking about Pokémon types and weakness while Platinum watches Diamond and Pearl conversation thinking it is a part of their training. She asks if it's okay if Pearl should smack Diamond. Pearl talks about how he communicate his feelings to Diamond. Chimler then started laughing which Pearl started shouting at it. Suddenly a Luxio ambushed Pearl and Chimmler and took Platinum and Piplup as its prey. Pearl and Diamond chase the Luxio who is surrounded by Shinx and Luxio, which Pearl states that it showing his pride.

Diamond uses Lax and Tru which were easily defeated. Pearl tries to use Chatler and Chimler to defeat Luxio, checking his Pokédex for a clue to defeat it. Pearl finally finds a way to stop it, saying it is like "communicating his feelings" with Diamond. Pearl hugs Luxio and uses electric pulses to send Luxio's feelings to his friends. The horde of Shinx and Luxio goes back, Luxio looks back and smiles at Pearl. Pearl tells Diamond that he communicated feelings. Platinum recites what Pearl said to the Luxio, which Pearl thinks she is doing his funny man joke which Platinum denies and smiles. She carries Piplup on her lap and rides on her Ponyta.