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Crystal Colosseum

Crystal Colosseum

The Crystal Colosseum is a Colosseum in Pokémon Battle Revolution. This Colosseum can be unlocked by beating Neon Colosseum. The rules in this Colosseum is a tournament battle where 16 competitors enter and if advanced, you'll face the Colosseum Leader: Voldon.

Trainers under Crystal Colosseum

This Colosseum contains in all is 30 trainers but 16 can only compete.

  1. Jose: Tourist
  2. Larissa: Cool Beauty (Ice Type)
  3. Brad: Shocking Guy (Electric Type)
  4. Jamie: Tomboy
  5. Byron: Traveling Guy
  6. Lindsey: Passionate Rider
  7. Davon: Hiking Boy
  8. Karla: Future Girl
  9. Cody: Icy Guy (Ice Type)
  10. Nina: High Tech Maniac
  11. Emanuel: Three Brothers (Flying Type)
  12. Carissa: Mature Couple
  13. Miles: Twins
  14. Kelly: Hiking Girl
  15. Tony: Leader-In-Training
  16. Kaila: Traveling Lady
  17. David: Stubborn Boy (Rock Type)
  18. Linda: Hardheaded Girl (Rock Type)
  19. Milton: Twins
  20. Naomi: Shocking Girl (Electric Type)
  21. Marcus: Swimming Club Member
  22. Tori: Leader-In-Training
  23. Hayden: Muddy Boy (Ground Type)
  24. Brandi: Three Sisters (Psychic Type)
  25. Graham: Lone Wolf
  26. Shelly: PIKACHU Fan
  27. Mitchell: Hiking Club Member
  28. Tyler: Expedition Member
  29. Reina: Pokeball Collector
  30. Maxwell: Quake Man (Ground Type)

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