This Swellow is a normal/flying-type Pokémon owned by Courtney from the Ruby & Sapphire arc.


Courtney tried to pursue Zinnia, who flew off with her Salamence, by using Swellow. However, Maxie calmed Courtney down, since he claimed there was no reason to pursue the Draconid.[1]

Courtney used her Swellow to fly to and from the Abandoned Ship.[2] She also used her Swellow to carry her around the Rusturf Tunnel to pursue Ruby.[3][4] After Ruby retreated, Courtney flew off with her Swellow.[5]

Eventually, Courtney's Swellow carried its trainer away from Mossdeep City and reunited with Blaise and Tabitha, as they all were to fight the Gym Leaders.[6] Courtney flew on Swellow and took Roxanne to the Lilycove Inn, where they had their battle.[7]

Swellow also carried Courtney, who joined with Ruby, towards Sootopolis City.[8][9] After the crisis was over, Courtney had Swellow carry her away from Sootopolis City.[10]

Known moves

None of Swellow's moves are known.


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