Copycat is a girl who lives in Saffron City. Her primary purpose is for a small side-quest, each with rewards for part of the storyline (Generation II and their remakes) or for the ability to learn Mimic (Through TM in Generation I, and Move Tutor in their remakes). Her house is removed in Generation II and its Generation IV remakes.


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She is very perky and enjoys disguising herself as other people. She also enjoys collecting dolls and owns several different ones in her collection. She was very excited when Red gave her a Clefairy doll and was very attached to it that when she lost it she became very upset.



Red, Green, Blue & Yellow

Copycat lives with her mother and father, who both refer to her by her nickname. She doesn't seem like anything other than a normal NPC until you buy a Poké Doll. When spoken to, she mimics Red, even so far as for the game to state Red is talking instead of herself. After purchasing a PokéDoll, she will take it in exchange for TM31 (Mimic). Afterwords, she will speak to herself, under Red and Copycat, as if an actual conversation were taking place. Her room is littered with Poké Doll's, along with a television and a SNES. It is playing a Mario game, apparently.

Gold, Silver & Crystal

In between Generation I and II, the Magnet Train was built over Copycat's house. In exchange for moving, she was given a Magnet Train Pass. Instead of just mimicking Gold, she also dresses up as well. Copycat had also lost her Poké Doll given to her three years prior in Vermilion City. The Doll was found by a member of the Pokémon Fan Club, who had wanted a Clefairy. He decides to give it back, hoping to befriend a real one some day. When it is returned to Copycat, she gives Gold the Magnet Train Pass.

FireRed & LeafGreen

The basic sidequest is the same as in Red, Blue, and Yellow. She, however, now owns a Nintendo Gamecube instead of a SNES.

HeartGold & SoulSilver

The concept is the same as in Gold, Silver, and Crystal.


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