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Conway is a Pokémon Trainer from Sinnoh. He first appeared in the Pokémon Tag Team tournament.


He first appeared during the Pokémon Tag Team tournament where he was partnered with Dawn. Conway is an incredibly intelligent trainer and often plans strategies ahead of time in order to make sure he has the upper hand in battle. He appears to have a crush on Dawn and often appears out of nowhere, startling Dawn in the process. The second time Conway meets Dawn, Ash and Brock, he follows Dawn all the time, so everyone thinks that he still has a crush on her. He is said to be strange and random. During the Sinnoh League when he was about to face Ash, he wasn't studying him, he was studying Tobias. He has a very similar appearance to Max.


On hand

Pokémon Information
Conway Slowking
Slowking was Conway's main Pokémon and was often seen outside its Poké Ball.
Pokémon Information
Conway Aggron
Aggron was only seen very briefly in the Tag Battle Tournament.
Pokémon Information
Conway Heracross
Heracross was used in the final round of the Tag Battle Tournament.
Pokémon Information
Conway Shuckle
Shuckle was used to battle Ash's Noctowl, Donphan and Gible in the Sinnoh League.
Pokémon Information
Conway Lickilicky
Lickilicky battled Ash's Gible and Noctowl during the Sinnoh League.
Pokémon Information
Conway Dusknoir
Dusknoir was used during Conway's battle with Ash in the Sinnoh league.


Pokémon Information
Summer Academy Venonat
Conway used Venonat in the first day of the Pokémon Summer Academy. He is seen bonding with his temporary Pokémon by reading it some equations. Later he uses Venonat in a practice match against Dawn's temporary Grimer and the battle is seen to have finished as a draw.
Pokémon Information
Summer Academy Dugtrio
Dugtrio only appears once with Conway during Day Two of the Pokémon Summer Academy. After a rogue Garchomp causes a blockage on the path, Conway is seen to appear out of the ground with Dugtrio. After this, he exchanges Dugtrio for another Pokémon at the lake.
Pokémon Information
Summer Academy Floatzel
Floatzel also shares one scene in which Dawn and Brock are surprised to find Conway suddenly appear from under the water riding on a Floatzel's back. Floatzel and Conway are later seen behind Dawn and Brock racing across the lake. Again, this is only a temporary Pokémon given to Trainers by the Academy.



Sinnoh League

8 Unidentifeid Badges

Pokémon League Status

Lily of the Valley Conference (Sinnoh League) Loses to Ash: Top 16



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